March 22 Newsletter

Will It Be A Yes Or No?  

Raino Bolz (Owner)

We live in turbulent times. If it is not a virus that keeps us housebound for months, then it is an unneeded war causing anxiety in Europe and jitters in international markets. But even in these times, you have to decide how you want to live your life, and life is actually a binary code with “yes” and “no” options.


I recently watched the movie “Yes Day” with my kids. Even though I did not agree with the wastage and consumerism portrayed in the movie, there were some valuable lessons to be learned (for me and the kids). 


Sometimes you have to say “Yes” and let life take you on a ride!  That spur of the moment visit with friends that turned into a memorable late night braai (barbecue for those in far off lands), the bike ride invite you thought you were way to unfit for that turned out to be the highlight of the year, pulling yourself off the couch to play soccer with your kid which turns out to be an awesome bonding session. Those are “yes” moments! 

The last two years with state of emergencies, curfews, rules and now a war, will still cause many “No” moments, but keep a sharp eye open for “Yes” moments as those are the moments that make a life worth living.
– Raino Bolz (Owner)

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