By experiencing it first hand, you learn by using all your senses and emotions. This is therefore a great way to learn or improve your skills.

Team Building day 2In the Experiential Team building day, there are literally hundreds of team building activities that can be used to achieve different objectives and outcomes. The type of activity used will depend on the following factors.

Objective of the team building day
Age of group
Group size
Time available

Here are just a few types of team building activities available.

  • Walk the Mile – Persons place feet on a wooden board tied with ropes, everybody has to walk the same.
  • Egg Catcher – Clients build one, making use of straw’s and sticky tape
  • Blindfold square – Clients make a square with rope while blindfolded
  • Bucket in circle – A bucket must be removed from within a circle without entering
  • Grid – Clients navigate through a maze, made with paper plates.
  • Traffic Jam – Clients solve a problem moving past each other on squares
  • Floating Stick – Clients have to get a light stick to the ground using teamwork
  • Spiders Web – Rope tangled to form a web between trees, climb through without touching
  • Time trial – Teams need to ride a route in a certain time with a bicycle and no watch. Too fast or too slow, you will get penalised.
  • Water Towers – Clients need to fill a water tower with water, problem is, it has holes in it that need to be plugged.
  • Hot Stuff – Without touching a tin the contents must be emptied into another tin

Typically the group will be divided into smaller teams and each team rotates between 4 or more stations to complete the task at each station. Once all stations have been completed, all teams get together for a final challenge before we do a small prize giving to end the day.

Each activity takes approximately 20 minutes

Cost: R 480 pp for 4 activities excluding VAT

Discount for groups larger than 25 persons

When you work on a time schedule just remember that the introduction, going through the safety procedures, icebreaker and the closing at the end of the day takes approximately 40 minutes. This is included in the price.