The concept of the Amazing Stellenbosch Race is based on the TV program Amazing Race. The day is designed as a Amazing race type Team Building activity where teams race against each other and points are subtracted or added on certain tasks or bonuses that must be completed along the way.

The Amazing Race team building is very popular and incorporates, team building activities, orienteering and a lot of fun!

Your Programme
We will start the day with a fun ice-breaker activity and a short briefing. We will hand out starter packs with information and objects essential for the race. (Drinks & snacks also in the starter packs). The group will then be divided into teams before we start the race. (Management has the option to divide the group in teams before the race day.)

The race will be in the Historical part of town where you will have to do map reading and orienteering to find different clues and answers in historic buildings and places of interest around town. There will also be problem solving and team building activities plus a surprise “fear factor” item included in the race at some of the stations. While doing all these activities and challenges, you will move through beautiful Stellenbosch and learn quite a bit of this amazing town and it’s history.

There will also be a bonus station on the map that is not a compulsory stop but you will get bonus points if you reach this station in the time allowed for the race. For the bonus station, only 2 team members have to reach the point while the rest of the team wait or rest.

The distance covered during the race will depend on the skill and route of the individual teams but the shortest distance between all the stations plus the bonus station will be approximately 4km. The tempo of the race will depend on the teams themselves, the team must however stick together at all times (except at bonus station) to avoid disqualification. Only a relative state of fitness is therefore required from each team member! (If you can walk 4-5 km in 2 ½ to 3 hours, you can do this!!) For the trim and fit individuals in the team, there are always the bonus points to go for!

Length of the day can be determined by the available time of the team but normally we start at 9:00 and teams finish at the lunch spot at around 13:00. We will then have time to relax and enjoy lunch / supper while discussing the day’s ordeals!! (Cash Bar). After lunch we will have a small prize giving before you depart at own leisure.

Price: R 590.00 pp (excluding lunch)
R 790.00 pp (lunch included)

Please be advised that the price is flexible and depends on group size, gifts and prizes needed but full package is approximately the price stated.

Price includes:

Starter pack with snacks, drinks etc.
All entrance fees
Race day and activities

We are sure you will enjoy the Amazing Race team building day with us. Please call us for a team building day that suits your needs