Hot air Ballooning over the Western Cape! Early morning balloon rigging, a near silent flight and champagne breakfast all form part of this special package!


Hot air balloon flights in Africa usually take place at sunrise before thermal activity starts. Before you come out to the meeting point, we check the weather conditions and give you a wake-up-call. Hot Air Balloon flying is very weather dependent, as we cannot safely fly with fog, strong wind, too hot weather or rain.

Hot air Ballooning is a sport and therefore everyone is welcome to help with rigging the balloon. We will explain how to assist with the inflation and within half an hour you are airborne.

A gentle ascent takes you well above tree top level and with a light breeze you fly away over fields vineyards and orchards. All maneuvers are smooth and silent with the exception of the short bursts of the burner. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom floating in the sky!

Hot air ballooning is strictly an early morning activity as very stable weather is a requirement for safe flying, and because of this, this specific hot air balloon operation does have a higher potential for cancelling flights the day before due to weather. We therefore advise that if it is your intention to enjoy hot air ballooning in the Cape Town or winelands areas (above other parts of South Africa), then try allow for 2 days during which your flight could take place.

Available from November till the end of April

Cost R 3900 per person 20 Nov 2017 – end of April 2018.

Cost R 4300 per person 15 Dec 2017 – 12 Jan 2018.

Maximum 4 – 6 people depending on weight