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Team Building Activity in Amazing Stellenbosch RaceEverybody knows that team building is a must for every company with a vision to grow. Team building is a concept that originated in the U.S.A. It is a process of turning a group of individuals into a team, equipped with skills such as communication, trust, planning and honesty. The productivity of a well developed team can be astonishing.

WHY does team building work?
Different mediums of learning can be used. The one we believe to be the best, is the medium of experiential learning. We as people gain info through our senses, and that is how we learn. In the conference set-up for example, only two senses are used, namely sight and hearing. Through experiential learning all five senses can be used to their full potential. Not only that, since most of the activities are problem solving, success or failure can also be experienced, which means that emotions are involved. In this way you not only learn, but you experience things for yourself and understand them better.

Team build in Cape Town or StellenboschWhat can we offer?
Adventureshop can offer you a dynamic teambuilding program. With 10 years experience we believe we have a good programme to benefit your company. Different programs for different management levels have been put together. A program can run from a day, for lower management, to a weekend for top management.

Our Most Popular Teambuilding Products:

Amazing Stellenbosch Race

My day as a Movie Star

Ready Steady Potjie

Experiential Teambuilding Activities

Drumming Sessions

What sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we can include  incentive activities as well, not just team building. For example:
River Rafting Trips, Skydiving, White Shark Cage Diving, Weekends in the Cederberg or the Garden Route, 4×4 routes, 4×4 training and many more.
These activities can be combined with team building activities or can be enjoyed on their own. Taylor made packages can be put together to meet your needs.

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    October 30

  • Adventureshop Newsletter

    Adventureshop Newsletter

    October 30

  • Amazing Stellenbosch Race Teambuild with PWC Century City. Great fun. Well done guys!! #visitStellenbosch

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from AdventureShop

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from AdventureShop

    October 29

  • Guided bike tour through stellenbosch going through @StellenboschUni @LanzeracWines @starkcondewines

    October 17

  • Visiting some historic buildings in Stellenbosch and enjoying a great afternoon with Avram, Kim and friends on the guided bike tour.

    Visiting some historic buildings in Stellenbosch and enjoying a great afternoon with Avram, Kim and friends on the guided bike tour.

    September 23

  • Nice E-mail we got this morning!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    my English is not so good and I´m not at facebook therefore I couldn´t send my review on the page of TripAvisor - I´m sorry, but I want to give you my review with pleasure, if you can need it in this way.

    It was a wonderful experience to see places of interest by bike.
    We booked this tour in advance from Germany and we were very currious and we weren´t disappointed – quite the opposite:
    Our guide was very friendly and cooperative
    It is the mix:
    We cycled through
    the lovely historic town and saw several sights
    a posh neighbourhood
    a woody area along a stream
    across the huge uni area
    to the close-by nature reserve Jonkershoek with the gorgeous vineyards and
    the beautiful landscape
    and not forgetting the unique wine tastings

    For us it is unforgettable for ever

    Fritz & Renate from Braunschweig

    September 23


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